Tax Settlement Services


The three most aggressive forms of IRS collection activity are:

  • Filing Tax Liens
  • Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies
  • Property Seizures.


Tax LIENS are a public record stating that you owe tax debt to the taxing authority. Typically they are filed in the county in which you or your business reside. These liens affect your ability to get credit to purchase a home or a car, obtain a job and are become part of your credit record. LIENS also make it impossible to sell a home.

Our staff has released hundreds of LIENS over the years. We offer special plans to expedite the release of home liens so that you can sell your home.


PENALTIES are the amounts you owe in addition to your base tax debt. The IRS and the State assess penalties for not filing returns, filing returns late, filing inaccurate returns, and taking other actions that the IRS or the State deem penalty worthy.

In some instances it may be possible to fully or partially abate the penalty that the IRS or the State has assessed against you.

We will negotiate with the IRS and the State to make sure your overall tax liability is the lowest possible under the law. This includes aggressively pursuing penalty abatements with both the IRS and the State.


The IRS and the States have broad powers to seize other assets as well. These powers allow them to seize motor vehicles, airplanes, homes, jewelry, businesses, inventory and all other personal and business assets. If a taxpayer continues to ignore the taxing authorities, this will eventually happen. Under Vanish Tax?s representation we can prevent the IRS from taking this action. If you are unfortunate enough to be going through an IRS Seizure, call us immediately as this is the ultimate collection action and you have very little time left.


The Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a program that allows a taxpayer to settle their delinquent taxes for less than the total amount the IRS claims they owe. The OIC Program has undergone a multitude of recent changes and we are actively working cases at every level. Even those who previously did not qualify for an OIC under old regulations could potentially do so under some of the new program regulations.

Our staff has had numerous Offer Cases accepted by the IRS. We will work with you to investigate your situation and determine if an OIC is your best option. If it is, we will work with the IRS and the States to get your Offer accepted and allow you to move on with a fresh start.


An Innocent Spouse Claim can be made where the spouse of a taxpayer has incurred a tax liability unknown to them as a result of their former or current spouse.

New regulations are less strict and make it easier to obtain innocent spouse relief.

We can determine if you qualify for innocent spouse relief under the new guidelines and if so help you obtain the relief by filing the petition on your behalf with the correct agency so that it gets an fair and impartial review.


A LEVY is an action taken by the IRS or State to forcibly collect past due taxes. Both the State and the IRS Have it in their power to levy your checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts without having to first go to Court to obtain a Court order. Without a Court Order they can levy both your wages and any money your clients may owe you?directly from your client.

In many cases our staff can get a levy released in 24 hours.

Due to procrastination, our clients often come to us at the last minute having been informed by their employer that the IRS is taking their paycheck. IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Our staff has will work diligently to have wage levies released within 24 ours of being retained. Upon hiring us, it is still possible to receive your paycheck on your payday as planned.

Once you have retained Vanish Tax and are working with our team to resolve your tax situation, we can keep the IRS at bay and prevent new levies from happening.


Tax Returns Preparation

You need to expect the best when your returns are prepared.

Prudent and assertive tax return preparation and tax planning will very often make the difference between financial success and failure.

Your Taxes are Our Profession.

With constant changes in the tax code affecting credits, exemptions, and the eligibility of deductions, keeping up with tax preparation alone is an increasingly difficult task. Preparing a tax return that takes complete advantage of all applicable tax codes and regulations has become a cumbersome task for most taxpayers.

More than 60% of all taxpayers have turned to professionals to complete their returns. As experienced tax preparers, we prepare and file all types of Federal and State returns both personal and business.

If you have previously used a professional tax preparer, accountant, CPA or attorney to complete your returns, we invite you now to experience the difference here at Vanish Tax Relief. We will use tax advantages available to you under every State and Federal Tax Law while providing these services at very reasonable rates.

If you have not previously used a professional tax preparer, we invite you to take advantage of the modern technology and vast experience only provided by our veteran staff of attorneys and enrolled agents.

We work with our clients to produce comprehensive and personalized tax strategies and solutions. We also educate our clients. Informed clients take the action necessary to achieve their goals. This results in lower overall tax liability at year end.